Angular: The new must have technology in your web apps

Over the last couple of years I have been dabbling in various JS libraries. It seemed as if it there was virtually an explosion of new one-offs that did this or did that. KnockOutJS was one of my favorites, they had a great tutorial section that walked you through utilizing the library. But I was very slow to adapt others primarily because I HATE new technology that isn’t supported, good but for few practical reasons, or is so hard to learn that the ROI gets negated.

Well I felt a little reluctant to try something by Google since they’re Google+ wasn’t the hottest social media platform, Google Wave was a bust, and who knows the direction of Google Drive/Docs.  Therefore I felt Google may throw some money at this ‘new project’ and kill new valuable development and then there’s may not be the best option out there.  I had debate after debate with colleagues about it, on both sides.  Eventually, I took a day or two to play with it.  I was intrigued. First thing was, it’s more than a library. It’s a framework.  That baffled me initially because I was not completely understanding how to use it, how to implement it, how to expand it.  Unfortunately AngularJS did not have the best documentation at the time, but I found a few sites to help, namely: and

Now I can honestly say, I can’t wait to use it to solve a massive problem.  It does have a steep learning curve. It’s not as plug and play as most libraries, but if done correctly it can cut time, code, and give you a ridiculous amount of built-in functionality right out of the box. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite articles.

“You going spend your whole life waiting until you learn that/Anything given to a man can be taken/Only thing that’s ever really yours is what you earn”