3 Reasons Tech companies are paying interns the most

Unfortunately, I am not sure if it’s quite Pre-Dot-com bubble levels, but the Tech industry is hot!  According to a recent report by GlassDoor.com the top three employers are tech companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they all make over $6500/month.

1. Well for starters, the tech world is maturing. Unlike the 2000 era, the application and usage of technology is real.  Education, Banking,  Real Estate, and Manufacturing industries are implementing technology in all kinds of ways.  With the ever-growing reach of Smart Phones, Tablets, and PCs (yes PCs), business are looking to automate processes and solve problems that are scale-able and easily deploy-able. Software Developers are able to do that!

2. Everyone wants to start the next Billion Dollar company. To create a Billion Dollar company, you need qualified and capable talent.  The faster companies recognize that talent, the faster they can maintain that talent and grow the company.  A perfect example is the Google employee who supposedly makes $3M a year.

3. There’s a shortage of developers. As the demand is growing, the applicant pool is still remaining the same.  Yes, more people are pursuing careers in Technology – but according to many reports and staffing agencies there’s a shortage of qualified and talented developers.

My advice, pick up a computer, find some how to program vids, and subscribe to my blog. 😉

A side note: San Fran is definitely one of the most costly cities in America to live in. With rents around $2,000 a month, according to PayScale.com, a large chunk of your income goes to housing, and overall living expenses.  But, you can definitely buy plenty of ramen and pizza with $4,500 a month.