Shouts to Google for sharing Percy Julian!

It’s not often that a Scientist comes up on my radar that I haven’t heard of, especially one from Alabama.  But thanks to for sharing Percy Julian’s, and now his contribution to society is known to me and the world.

Some quick, interesting facts about the chemist, entrepreneur is that both of his parents attended Alabama State University, presumably in the early 1900s.  He’s the owner of 100s of patents.  And although he earned a Austin Fellowship to obtain a M.S. in chemistry at Harvard, Harvard eventually withdrew his teaching assistanship forcing him to continue his education elsewhere. He did obtain a Ph.D. from at the University of Vienna via a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship which demonstrated his eagerness to learn.


Although I primarily focus on I.T., Science is a critical part of the movement.  I was amazed and truly enjoyed reading this Washington Post article about Dr. Julian.  I encourage you to do the same,  do something sciencey this weekend, and maybe even catch the total eclipse of the Moon on Monday.

“I’d be lying if I said our only option is this block hustle”