Developer Resources Pt. 3 (Blogs)

Blogs are a part of the professional development curriculum in many professions, but they are definitely valuable in the Development world.  Unlike most entertainment blogs, sports blogs, or even hip hop blogs.  I.T./Developer blogs are not designed for high click-through rates.  Not only do you rarely find comments that aren’t relative to the post, but usually you are able to actually apply the post to your career or to a current project – so having a good daily/weekly/monthly routine is vital to sharpening your skills.

Many of the authors of top-rated blogs are also recognized, and valued contributors to the Developer community.  And there are a few blogs that aggregate new subject-matter related content.  I’ll say first be sure to check your general sector blog.  For me it’s Asp.Net’s community spotlight.  I also tend to check out Morning Brew and Morning Dew.  Lastly, I’ll cast a broad net to see what’s going on in the broader IT world by checking out SiliconeValley, Hacker News, and TechCrunch.

That’s just my routine.  Most Developers and IT professionals have their own routine, which may include twitter, specific individuals, or something that is local to their geographical location.  In addition, you may also find some boutique development shops and corporations to have viable blogs as well.


Here are a few other blogs on the topic:


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