Black Excellence Month, new Expectations

Apple is the most valuable country in the world. After Apple’s quarterly sales surpassed $18bn, they’ve beat out oil-related companies Exxon and GazProm. If you didn’t know, now you know.

What makes this unique is that Apple is a Tech company.  Not the first. Not the last. And they have definitely encountered some trials and tribulations.  Hate them, or love them – they have established a culture of high expectations and found a formula for success while mastering a method for innovation. And their ability to reapply it again, and again is nothing short of magical.

This is the beauty of Technology and a Technology Company. Without the overhead of machinery or the need for special licenses (*other red tape that many sectors encounter, i.e. Oil Industry*) Tech companies have the flexibility to start lean and be responsive to market demands, while creating a highly quality product or service.

I know the many conversations have been circulated about ‘how do organizations like Apple Diversify’ .  Instead of that conversation, I would like to see more conversations about how can programs from elementary to doctoral create an eco-system for Blacks to create companies that are like Apple.

It starts with those Blacks in Technology that are influential, successful, and have capacity to demonstrate the need for such paradigm shift.


“Built it up together so we equally appointed” – Lupe Fiasco