Work your plan (Throwback Thursdays)

After reading the Nov. 2011 NYTimes Masters of the Game and Leaders by Example article ( it made me think about my youth and being exposed to Chess at 9 years old through a Chess club at my school (Clark Math & Science Magnet School).

Although I did not have a plan to become a Software Engineer, I did have a plan to use my interest and love for math, science in some form or fashion to produce a career for myself.  Chess can be an intimidating game, but it provides a fun, competitive way to expand upon your intangible skill set to become a more effective in your career.

The experience proved vital in expanding my critical thinking and analytical skills, in addition provided a great base for my interest in STEM.  Often times, parents and students ask about what attracted me to STEM or what were some fundamental things they can do to improve their abstract, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Without a doubt, I believe Chess is a great way to do it.  Not to mention many hip-hop greats always used analogies and metaphors to demonstrate their Chess knowledge.

“Be the change You wanna see/ And wanna be Let it be” Chuck D.