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I first heard about TypeScript back in 2012 while working with a Microsoft super-fan.  I thought it was a cool idea, but I have been slow to adopt (or invest) in some technologies.  Microsoft had an earlier technology, Silverlight, which I knew a few people invest in heavily and even got their company to invest into it, only to find it die hard.  So my reluctantness to dive in is valid.

But, today TypeScript has stuck around and is even available in VS2015’s Mobile development templates (more about this later).  In addition, it is also accessible in Angular 2.

TypeScript is a programming language managed by Microsoft, and is object-oriented based. It is a superset version of JavaScript for the object-oriented gurus that aren’t fans of the loosy goosiness of JavaScript.

I am participating in a FREE webinar today to gain more knowledge about the language and see where it goes.  Feel free to join me.

TypeScript: Beginner to Advanced (In One hour) with Chander Dhall

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