AngularJS Conference (Web Stream)

If you are a web developer and you haven’t heard of AngularJS here’s your chance!

Today is the launch of their NG-Conference.  And the cool thing is they have things going on all day, so if you’re at work you can stream it or you can stream it after work this evening.  They are in Utah, so be mindful of that.

But AngularJS is to me, a new iteration in web development.   As Single-Page-Apps (SPAs) are becoming more popular and the demand for web applications to behave and respond more closely to desktop apps and mobile apps is increasing – AngularJS gives tons of tools for the web developer to make that happen.

You can get more information on the conference here:

I will be talking about AngularJS more in later posts, but I wanted to announce the conference for those who are interested in learning more about the newest slice of bread in the tech world.