Behind the scenes at an IT Work space

Often times people tell me about their work environments, and I typically have to not comment much because working in IT is commonly a very different experience.  Many StartUps and IT shops are pretty nontraditional compared to your standard, manila wall, no character office space.  With companies (“shops”) aggressively making efforts to attract top talent, from around the world – they come up with a culture and an environment that makes working for them the best.  No more of the days of ‘Office Space’ looking offices and bosses, but younger and fresher environments and people.

I’ve worked where we have had a foosball table, catered lunch on Fridays, and an open bottle policy towards the end of the work day.  Many companies have cafeterias, gyms, arcade or video games, great lounge spaces, and even kegs on tap.

This is one of the First TC Cribs episodes to get an inside look at what a IT work-space looks like.

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There’s tons of other vids out there, just go to YouTube and search ‘TechCrunch Cribs’.


“”Listen, I paid my dues, I pave my shoes/ Cost so much to look at ’em, charge pay-per-view””