Dalain Elected as Innovation Chair by NBITLO

Last fall, I made a trek down to Houston, Texas after finding out about NBITLO.  Actually, I am not quite sure how I even found out about the organization – but once I got there I felt like it was a great organization to be a part of.  I was impressed by the knowledge shared, the openness, and the warm welcome by the leadership team.

After the conference, I began speaking with Andrew West (also a 3rd coast representer) and a few other participants and panelist, notably Kai Dupe and Kimberly Evans.  I saw where we all shared common goals of using our skills for the economic improvements of our community, empowering more individuals Blacks (especially Black males) to be more apt to consider IT Careers, and increase the networking among Black IT Professionals.  I shared some of the projects I am currently working on and received great feedback and planted seeds to foster a great professional relationship with the group.  Mr. West has also been a great supporter and advocate for me to get involved in some capacity, and I expressed my willingness to do what I can whereever he sees fit.

With that said, I am Innovation Chair – elect and as we develop more information and strategies for engaging the broader community I will be sharing more details through this platform.  Look forward to recruiting some help too! So please hit me up if you are interested in learning more about NBITLO.

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