Developer Resources (Magazine Subscriptions)

Professionals are responsible for doing professional things, and being an active digester of industry news an information is one of those things.  There’s tons of a great Web Sites and Blogs, but I am kind of old school and still appreciate going to the mailbox and grabbing a magazine.

The cool thing about magazines are the articles, the code samples, and the ads. Usually in your magazine subscription you’re seeing well written articles that are industry related, code examples addressing problems with detail explanations, and seeing early examples of new technology.  Lastly, the ads are also interesting because you learn about new products, conferences, and events.

As you’re building you’re building your skills, and learning more about the industry magazines are great resources to utilize in becoming an expert in your field.  I have a subscription to MSDN.  And often pick up a copy of Code or Dr. Dobbs. Ofcourse the flavor is based on your needs and the technology you use.

“A lesson for you to learn except you’d learn through me”