Digital Library, the Book-less Era

I have the opportunity to serve on the boards of a few civic and professional organizations (No Paid Boards yet – *hint, hint*).  But, I currently serve on the city of Fort Worth’s Library Advisory Board and although I wasn’t as excited originally to be a part of the board it has definitely grown on me, in many aspects.

Of course I am an avid reader, and encourage others to read as much as possible as well.  I also know the value the Library served me as a student in grade-school and in college. And before I actually served a day on this board, I became aware of the Bexar County Digital Library.  As soon as I had the opportunity to visit it, I did and it was nothing short of amazing.

Situated like a coffee house and a high-end technology store, I found the book-less library to be very interesting.  By no means do I advocate for a book-less world, I still enjoy reading physical copies of books (highlighting them, dog-earing a page, and sparking up a random conversation from a books title or cover), but I do see the place and competition that a digital library brings to our world and society.

After speaking to staff, they shared with me how the Library has attracted international attention and has a huge impact on the social-economic challenged community that it serves. Of course individuals are able to use computers, tablets, and read e-books. But they also offer modern meeting space, high-tech touch screens for kids and teens to interact with as well.

I think part of making Information Technology cool is being the cool person that presents such ideas, implements such ideas, and/or makes such technology cool while still paying homage to the original source, the classic book.

‘Knowin you can be yourself and be a star (Priceless)” – Soul Position – Priceless