Smart Phones for Techies – How to buy?

Okay. I’ve been struggling with my 2010ish phone for wayyy too long. So I’m gonna document my process of upgrading and finding a new phone that meets my needs. I’m techie but I’m not the guy that gets a new phone every month, or even every year.

But now I really need one. I would like for it to be a Windows phone, but Android has been holding it down. I know I need something with a long battery life and a large internal storage space. I don’t like the phablets. I’m not a fan of 3-D, Watching Movies from my cell, or all the other bells & whistles nobody really uses.

My current situation is dire, my phone doesn’t last long due to the old battery, has capacity limitations when downloading new apps, and is old. I currently have the LG LS670 running the Android 2.3.3. I hate the idea of fees and hidden costs but now, the lack of a modern phone is slowing down my effectiveness in many aspects.

So here are some the features that are needs and wants.

Battery life
Dual-core processing – multitasking. efficient.
RAM – 2-3GB. Ability to cache and access apps quickly is critical.
Mobile Hotspot – There’s many times when you need a hot-spot and don’t have access. Makes me more effective.
Internal memory- Not sure what’s standard here, but I would assume 16GB is reasonable.
MicroSD – Always a great feature to sync your phone with other devices via expandable storage.

Nice camera – I’ve held down a 3.2 MP camera for probably too long.
Front facing camera- Definitely a bonus, but I think it’s a value and gives additional capability.

Look forward to getting feedback and suggestions from the community on what they’re using and why.


‘I picked up my car phone to perpetrate like I was talking’