Free Image Placeholder for your apps

If you’re like me you have web projects, and you often times do not have time to do the art work for your projects but need something to fill-in for now.  Well there’s some freebies out there that address that problem with easy implementation, and offers customization as well.

I came across and found it effective and easy to use.  You can customize the file format, add custom text, alter the color and ofcourse adjust the size of your image to fit your needs.

Here’s how the code works:

<!--Custom Place Holder Embed -->
<img alt="Hold it Down!" src="!" />

Here’s the live integration:
Hold it Down!


I also found as an alternative for the cat lovers. Would like to see the idea expanded to include dogs, classic hip-hop photos, or beach scenes.

“We started from rock bottom, we done rosen up now/ Pics and ad’s in the Source, got us posing now”