Crossover and bucket from Microsoft

Last year around this time I compared Microsoft and the Cowboys.  Both have managed to find success over the last 12 months, and both must continue their current trajectory over the next 6 – 12 months.

In a nutshell, Cowboys answered their QB questions/concerns by balancing the offense with a solid run attack.  They also managed to build a TEAM, similar to the Patriots, on the defensive side of the ball with a lot of hungry, humble players that bought into the idea of being innocent and shrewd.

Similarily, Microsoft has managed to maintain a solid marketing campaign around their Surface Pro 3 mantra to replace laptops.  And they’ve aggressively been becoming more OPEN to a paradigm change. They’ve launched HDInsight and DocumentDB services to help propel Azure as a legitimate cloud option across platforms and needs.


“I got it rollin’ in all kinda ways, lump sum and residual, yeah/
I mean we hear about the money you been gettin’/
We just never seen a visual”