Making History, with youth in STEM

Shouts to the 6 Students from the Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School for winning the Verizon Innovative App Challenge!

What makes this App unique is that it’s an app Designed to help improve the fundamental math skills of students.  The app is called QuestMath.  Of course I am excited for them and I’ve downloaded it – BUT I do wish they’re instructors and facilitators would have exposed them to Ancient Egypt and individuals such as Imhotep, the father of Mathematics and science for that matter.

Part of studying history is to help facilitate a purpose for your existence and provide direction for your future.  During Black History Month, take the extra step to expose youth and adults alike to great African Contributors throughout the Diaspora so that they too can develop the mentality to be Great African Contributors to the global society.


“Uh, I know I appear to be quite severe/An unopen mind will consider me weird” B.O.B. – Missing



Bronx Teens Create App, Inspire Verizon Black History Month Ad