No perfect time: Retool. Reenergize. Reengage.

Education can come in many fashions on various platforms. Self-taught or instructor-led, but education is a life long experience. Luckily, now a days you can access state of the art institutions and instructors in your pajamas, from your bed.  With technology continuing to advance and individuals becoming more comfortable being self-motivating the doors to be educated in new skills are endless and easy to open.

I jumped on in 2013 to take a couple of classes – I enrolled in a Finance class from Wharton and an Innovation class from University of Maryland. Did I say, I’m in Texas? This was not my first exploration in online classes, I have taken some business classes at the local community college, BUT having access to a plethora (I mean literally, anything under the sun) of courses and access to top-notch instructors make platforms like very attractive.

So, why am I talking about CourseRa? I received an email about classes being taught that I may be interested in, and I wondered how many others have taken advantage of the platform. Not only can you take the classes for FREE 99, expand your knowledge, learn a new skill (including programming), or explore something you’ve always been interested in – but you can get a certificate of accomplishment as well (kinda the icing on the cake). So check it out-let me know what you think!

“The green, the gwap, the cheddar, and the lettuce man./
If you sick of being broke, this the medicine!” – Apollo Brown – Money (Ft. Masta Ace & Wordsworth)