Security, detected and undetected

Cybersecurity has been a hot-button issue over the last few months. From a local domestic issue to an international issue, the threats of breaches and leaks are forever present.

While speaking with a student today, we talked about logging-on as an administrator on your server and performing daily task – checking email and browsing the web. Although, it is very tempting and convenient to do – Admin’s should never use administrator accounts to check email or browse the web. While a large file is installing or a hot-fix is updating on our PCs it’s normal to buy time by doing some of our other tasks in the background. Unfortunately on a server, you may be unnecessarily exposing your system to potential hackers, viruses, and phishing attempts. The consequences of a Domain Server, Web Server, Email Server or File Server being compromised is much greater than an individual workstation. So a word to the wise is: minimize use of Admin account and only perform task necessary necessary for the current operational goal.

Another student asked about the 90 day password policy that companies typically enforce, and why such steps are taken. I replied by giving examples of brute force attacks that take place by programs to attempt to break into an user’s account by guessing a username and password combination. There are several common usernames found in a company, i.e. jsmith, john, chris, etc., that an attacker may easily identify and attempt to exploit all password combinations to enter the system. By constantly changing your password, with a strong, alphanumeric, and special character password you drastically reduce the odds of the password being guessed. If you need help consider an online password generator for ideas,

China Tried To Hack American Companies Since Agreeing To Cyber Pact, Security Firm Says CrowdStrike said it notified the White House of its findings but declined to identify the targeted companies. Article:

‘On rare occasions some of what they say’ll bother me
I liked it better when the ‘Net was still a novelty
Cause now people who ain’t found themselves
Get an outlet, yet don’t know how they sound themselves
They like me better when I’m silent and don’t have an opinion
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