What to learn for 2018 and beyond

I am doing my best to stay consistent for 2018!  In that same vain, I want to stay consistent in my professional development. It’s easy to start projects, or start down a path and abandon, but my goal is to get a few things mastered this year.   With that said, I have been tuned in to Medium a little more often than I have in the past a source for daily/weekly/some kind of routine news.

And I found the Top JavaScript Libraries and Technology to learn for 2018.  It has been a great read, and something to reference through as I navigate in my professional development this year.

Vue.Js is a very nice JavaScript Library.  I explored with it a year or so back, and don’t have a high interest in digging deeper currently.  Although the article states Angular may be unseated by Vue.JS I think it is definitely worth picking up just because of the market demands for Angular and it’s namesake. But, I also plan to spend some time with React.  It is very interesting especially given the growth and usage of the technology.  I am most interested in learning how to leverage the ReactNative functionality.

In addition to the front-end development, which gets most of the love now a days, I want to strenthen my usage and knowledge of unit testing.  The article mentions Cheerio as a component for React.  I have had some exposure to Jasmine and Karma, and look to expand that.

The other two hot topics is Blockchain and AI.  I’ll continue exploring Document Databases, deeper understanding of best practices for WebAPIs and ways to implement microservices.  Hopefully not to scattered, but niche within the FinTech space and efficiency space around how to help small businesses and startups.


About dalain

Dalain is a Technical Program Manager, entrepreneur and speaker that specializes in Technology for Businesses, STEM, StartUps, and Economic Development. As well as running a business and writing, he spends time volunteering in the community, supporting Black Businesses, listening to underground hip hop, and helping those in need.