Happy 2020! ‘We back once again’

Wow it’s 2020!

First of all, I apologize in advance about leaving the blog stranded, but I am excited to relaunch and renew the content on here.

I am starting with something I have not done before.

On New Years Day, I was on Twitter, and I was scrolling through the timeline and I saw a founder of a firm somehow pop-up on my feed and it peaked my curiosity.  There was a video and a hash tag of #VPDExperiment. Well, I was not familiar with it and being the bright guy I am, I Googled it. Come to find out it’s a challenge, where individuals take on posting a Video Per Day (Video Per Day Experiment) for various reasons.  I wanted to learn more, and see how I can incorporate it into me getting back into being more active int he social media and content creation space.

I had no major goals for 2020, other than to continue to work on my start-up and continue expanding my knowledge in my current role at Intel (I know a lot to talk about) but through this journey, I think there’s an opportunity to share more and hopefully encourage and inspire others to better understand and embark in the I.T. space.

So, here’s my first video, and please provide feedback and ideas on topics and ways to make it better!

“It’s goin down/not now, but right now, you know the sound/It’s dilated, cats with 20/20” – Dilated Peoples


About dalain

Dalain is a Technical Program Manager, entrepreneur and speaker that specializes in Technology for Businesses, STEM, StartUps, and Economic Development. As well as running a business and writing, he spends time volunteering in the community, supporting Black Businesses, listening to underground hip hop, and helping those in need.