Post MVP Mix, Blockchain

Blockchain has been an extremely hot topic of conversation over the lasat 12-18 months. I vividly remember a conversation with co-worker around 2012 about crypto currency and it’s potential during a global economy that was not too excited about the green-back.

Of course, the crypto currency at the head of the conversation was bitcoin.
I was introduced to Ethereum and a broader use of the blockchain concept at the MVP Mix event.  In particular the smart contract functionality of the blockchain platform.  In a nutshell, Smart Contracts allows a developer or user to create a set of rules for each transaction to occur.  For example, if you are attempting to purchase a car, before your funds are released on a specified date, access to a key and vehicle is required.  And vice-versa, before a key and vehicle is accessible on a specified date, funds must be accessible by the seller.  In theory, the idea is to minimize fraud and help improve transparency of a transaction.


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