Biz goes down after breach

As mentioned before, I’ve worked with a Cloud Storage company for nearly five years and I am a fan of cloud storage, cloud sharing, and cloud services I use them all.

BUT, anything that is digital is also subjugated to the technical glitches, technical difficulties, technical mishaps and worst of all hackers.

According to this story Code Spaces has been forced to closed their doors due to a security breach of its Amazon S3 services.  Again, I am a fan of cloud services but this definitely raised a red-flag for me.  As more and more individuals, organizations, and enterprises are relying on the easily integrated and scalability of cloud services, CTO’s will have to be more aggressive and diligent in their disaster recovery plans and redundancy configurations (HA Clusters).

Are you making necessary backups, ensuring your apps are secure, and utilizing the latest security updates and strategies to protect your software applications? If not, this is a wake-up call to perform your due diligence to ensure all is up to date, and managed properly to help prevent similar stories.


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