Consultants on your Development team

While in my current role, I have had the opportunity to work with consultants a few different times in various capacities.   Whether providing technical training for Git or getting us more exposure to the Agile/SCRUM processes, it can be very beneficial.

Currently, I have been assigned to work closely with a Software Engineer that is going to be embedded on our Scrum Teams as a part of our Development team and it has been interesting in a few ways.  One, it brings an outside perspective into your way of life as a developer at your organization.  This can be challenging with a team that may be set in its’ ways and there is tons of tribal knowledge.  But the opportunity lies where a 3rd-party can come in and hopefully provide insight, industry best practices, and ways to improve processes and procedures for the team.  The second interesting point is, pain points.  As a team, we all have pain points where you wish you had an advocate to your manager, upper management, or other business units that could coherently express those concerns on your behalf. With a consultant embedded in the team, I look forward to seeing some improvements in those two areas.


About dalain

Dalain is a Technical Program Manager, entrepreneur and speaker that specializes in Technology for Businesses, STEM, StartUps, and Economic Development. As well as running a business and writing, he spends time volunteering in the community, supporting Black Businesses, listening to underground hip hop, and helping those in need.