Happy B-Day Mac Daddy!

30 years ago, the world saw this during the 1984 Super Bowl:

And today:


The cool thing about IT is you’re on the front-end of change that has the ability to impact the world in ways unimaginable.  We all have our stories with our first usage of a Mac, the comparisons, the contrasts, but we cannot deny the impact Apple Inc.’s Macintosh has had on the world.  Through innovation and creativity Apple has pushed the envelop, introduced new ways to solve problems, and most importantly maintained a consumer-centric persona that allowed us to better implement technology into our daily lives.

Learn more about the Mac’s 30th here: Apple.com/30-years

I also thought this was a cool commercial depicting Mac’s 30 years of innovation.: Mac turns 30

“It’s Like That, And That’s The Way It Is”