IT and Black History – Mark Dean

Today is the first day of Black History Month, and so often we hear some of the common history stories, ‘I had a Dream’, ‘Montgomery Bus Boycott’,  ‘The Civil Rights Movement’, and a few other key milestones that occurred during the 1960s.  This post by no means is meant to minimize those efforts and achievements, but to shine light on areas that are often left in the dark.

As many Techies and Computer Scientist know, IBM was a crucial player in the development of the modern computer, obtaining many patents around technology and the computer system.  One of their star contributors and eventual Fellows, was computer scientist and inventor Dr. Mark Dean.  He led efforts in the development of the first one-gigahertz computer processor chip – which is a pretty significant accomplishment in the I.T. world.  Dr. Dean also holds three of the company’s original nine patents, according to his bio.

You can read more about Mark Dean’s Bio.

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