Could DFW be the next Tech-Hub

Being a Tech-Hub has its pros and cons. In addition, it requites a proper environment of talent, money (investors, entrepreneurs, VCs, incentives, etc.), and politics.  Of course you have Silicone Valley, NYC, Boston, and even Austin.  All of these places have mastered two or more of the it factors.  And I’ve had several conversations with colleagues around the area and asked, ‘could DFW be the next Tech-Hub’?

I attended a Tech Biz initiative in Fort Worth last week and although there was a strong presence, and they did a really great job of getting the community out to support the event,  I am not sure if they (Leaders pushing initative) have the recipe (environment/culture) to produce the next Tech launch-pad.  On the other hand, DFW has a strong developer community and there’s tons of startups and small & large tech shops throughout the metroplex.  But could events like this create the synergy necessary to attract Talent, Money, and a political environment that makes I.T. Pros come to DFW to start the next Facebook, Amazon, or Google? I think by inviting more organizations to host their conferences, see the amenities (Tax-Friendly, International Airport, & Land!) would recruit many existing businesses to consider DFW.  Since there’s no Stanford, MIT, or university in the area known for its Computer Science Dept. I believe talent will have to be groomed via public/private education ( traditional and non-traditional).  I also believe that businesses and political leaders would be more open to Tech once they see clear benefits and revenue/job projections.

Of course, I’m sure no Developer or non-developer wants to see the Metroplex turn into ATX or San Fran when it comes to traffic and the sharp spike in home prices.  Infrastructure(HOV Lanes) and Logistics (Mass-Transit) will have to be at the top of the list of issues to address. But I believe by adding another strong business sector to the mix and becoming a more ‘hi-tech’ friendly area would add value to the metroplex overall.

“I told yall it’s only a matter of time before I shine”