What do you need to know about Node JS

Well I haven’t done anything with NodeJS yet, but I’ve been hearing about NodeJS for some time now. And I wanted to open the can, and explore a bit more than the trivial usage for it and I came across this post and thought I’d share.

Why The Hell Would I Use Node.js?  by Tomislav Capan

The case study approach presented by Capan has been very insightful, and has provided more clarity on the purpose.  Part of the Lifestyle of the Developer is knowing what technology can you implement today, what technology you should be an early adapter and advocate for, and what technology you should avoid or at least wait until the foundation is built and join the bandwagon.  The verdict is still out on NodeJS for me…

On the other-hand, I have a colleague that’s using NodeJS for a video player platform.  Will keep you posted as it progresses.