Will Windows 10 regain the reign

For starters, I’m a little confused… What happened to Windows 9? I remember Windows 8. I remember the 8.1 update… Then the laplet, Surface 3.

But in recent tech news, Windows 10 has created waves on the information highway.  I am not sure what to take from the reviews I’ve read so far…But of course I would like to see Microsoft succeed.

With that, I wanted to ask a few questions to the community, and also provide my insights on them.

1. What would we expect from Windows?

Unfortunately, the verdict is still out with Microsoft now.  Surface has definitely done a much better job than many expected, but it hasn’t been a complete laptop replacement. Nor a ‘must-have’ device yet.

2. What does Windows expect from us?

I am not sure. Ciphering through some reviews just left me confused. I am not exactly sure which device  Windows 10 is targeted for…. Is it for Desktop (Legacy vs. Modern)? Lablets? Mobile? But overall, I think Microsoft is trying to bring some consistency between their different platforms and also be more agile/quick to respond to the ever-changing environment. And, I do believe Microsoft is very open to its users to respond and give feedback of their experiences with their products/services in whatever fashion you use them for. Whether its business, personal, home, gaming, or academia.

3. What would make Windows 10 work?

Windows 10 must be marketed well – plain and simple.  (The new marketing campaigns have definitely been a step in the right direction.) Windows 10 must establish a footprint with the right, influential, cool crowd.  They cannot afford to abandon the traditional business user, while at the same time attract the innovative, expressive, and trend-setting user as well.  It’s a tough task, but Microsoft has the resources to make it work.  I would definitely spend time on college campuses, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Main Street, and Side Street to see how those groups are using their devices, and what problems are they having. I can say, there’s still a void between cloud-based document management, syncing and compatibility with multiple devices, and natural implementation.  And most of all clean, easy to use, and inexpensive.

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