Deciphering the streaming music service

News has broken that the folks over at Google have thrown their hats into the online music streaming service arena. As a huge fan of music, I often program while listening to tunes as well as commute, workout, and study to name a few. But with Google and Apple, recently announcing their platforms to compete in the space – I like to know what service do you like and why?

I remember in college listening to Yahoo’s LAUNCHcast and being introduced to Pandora Radio in the Mid 2000s.  Both offered the ability to find or create stations that were catered to your tastes, and was remarkable for their innovation at a time when terrestrial radio only offered so much.  I currently listen to YouTube, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, and Spotify – in that order. YouTube offers a lot more flexibility, where you can hear lectures, hard to find tracks, and entire albums. Pandora can be found on DirecTV, and the fact that I created such a strong library that I still like to utilize some of my stations. TuneIn Radio gives me terestial radio across the nation in my hands. I can listen to KTSU in Houston, WAOK in Atlanta, or WOL in Washington D.C. I’ve been, unfortunately, slow to adopt Spotify. But I like the concept of being able to create a Playlist and share it with Friends.

I recall YouTube announcing it’s subscription, ad-free based service, and have noticed YouTube offerings while listening.

But again, 1. What features do you look for when using an online music streaming service? What service Do you use, and why? Do you pay, or are you OK with the ads?

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It takes us to be us, and we the same the cloth/
Knotted up together forever, to rearrange was/
Not in the design or the ties that bind us/
We saw it and got on it, no blinders, you see it now” Skyzoo – The Moments that Matter