What up 2015, We all Money in, no Money out

Wow, it’s always amazing when you reflect on the past 365 days… What you’ve done. What you haven’t done. What’s new. What’s old. And, I’m excited for all of the personal accomplishments I made in 2014.  All the accomplishments and opportunities that those around me have made as well. But I also see a large amount of work ahead of us that requires us to buckle down and stay focus as young professionals to better improve our conditions in an ever-changing society.

Author, speaker, and educator Dr. Dennis Kimbro constantly talks about, wealth and the measuring stick that the wealthy use – which is their bank accounts.

As a professional, often times we don’t focus on wealth creation and wealth generation enough.  By that I mean, ensuring we have IRAs, 401k, asset acquisition and diversification plans.  It’s easy to search for the best job with the highest salary, but we must also ensure we are laying a foundation to generate wealth. And that means living below our means and investing in our intellectual, human, and financial well being.

How far are we from being Terrell T.O. Owens if we were given a lump-sum at the beginning of the year.

Life is a marathon, and we must be great stewards of our Finances in addition to excelling in our careers.  I recommend checking out Dr. Dennis Kimbro’s The Wealth Choice and Alex H Frey A Beginner’s Guide to Investing.



“Oh, Now I got a different goal cause I reached all my old ones I be feelin’ like somebody reached out and chose us”

“…this technology has empowered everybody and it’s as big as you wanna make it, and its as far as you take it…Like – man, giants gone crumble, big companies gonna crumble, new companies gonna pop up outta nowhere and it’s gone be dramatic. I believe that.” – Nipsey Hustle on That’s How I knew